How to Build Rapport with People Who are Very Different from You

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2015

It is considered relatively easy to build rapport with people that are very much like ourselves. That's because we human beings tend to be self-centered and like people who are like us; we can stay in our comfort zone with them. That's why at parties you end up talking with strangers who seem to have a lot in common with you as those conversations flow easily and there is an instant bond.

On the other hand it's common believe that it is way more difficult to build rapport with people who are very different than we are.

However, it is not that complicated to build rapport with people who seem in first instance very different than you are. In order to build rapport with people you need to be able to level with them and find commonalities.

On a conscious level you do that by using skills such as listening, showing empathy and seeking common ground. By mirroring people's behaviour: their words, gestures, way of speaking and body language, you can also influence the bonding process on a subconscious level.

If you subtle mirror people (not too obvious or too semi-comical of course as that would be seen as annoying) you will notice that you can easily build instant rapport as people will feel at ease with you because you will vaguely remind them of someone ( guess who?) Once people feel comfy you can increase the initial bond by starting a great conversation; we human beings no matter where we are from and what our background is will always have things in common to talk about.

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