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The 'No-Fluff' A.B.C. Leadership Formula™ to Become an Inspirational Leader Others want to Follow

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Tuesday, October 1st
Friday, August 2nd 10AM AEST, (Sydney)


On This LIVE Training, You'll Discover:

The 3 essential skills you need to be a Leader people want to follow and are inspired by

How to step up and be the best leader you can be, without changing your personality

How to stop struggling on your own and start enjoying your leadership journey

Hi, allow me to introduce myself...

  • I'm Thilan! (pronounced like Milan with a T :))
  • I am a Barrister turned United Nations Lawyer turned Human Resource Manager turned Leadership Coach & Mediator
  • Humanitarian & Global Citizen who worked in war and post-war zones
  • Founder of Win-Win Matters™ and The Leaders’ Den™ and author of " Dealing with Conflict at Work"
  • I coached hundreds of leaders worldwide
  • I trained thousands of people worldwide in communication, conflict resolution and leadership skills
  • I Help Managers & Leaders to reach their full potential and be the best leader they can be
Find me on:

The Leaders' Den Website | Thilan Legierse Website

Make sure you grab your spot, lock your calendar and load up on coffee.

This will be entertaining and fun – I don’t do boring presentations.

And the best part?

It will cost you nil got nothing to lose!
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DISCLAIMER: This masterclass is free. There will be an offer to work with me at the end. You don't have to buy anything in order to get value out of this training. Despite popular belief, there is no quick fix in life. If you want to improve your leadership skills you need to make a commitment to work on mastering your skills, which takes time and energy.


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